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Urban construction


Another important aspect of the work of our architects is the development of municipal construction projects, especially those of urban development construction. We see our central role in the design of the transitions between public, semi-public and private indoor and outdoor areas. It is therefore our goal to create neighbourly relationships with a high degree of differentiation and freedom.

Good examples of the humane development of settlements as models for our work in this sense can be found in the finely structured village communities of Southeast
Asia, in the village and urban developments of Japan, in the original buildings of Greek island architecture in the Aegean, and in the villages and settlements of the Maghreb as well as in many other places in the world. Examples of differentiated social communication with simultaneous protection of the private sphere can be found here, which make our modern urban developments appear absurdly poor and without any human vision.

Our developments of contemporary house floor plans on the basis of modern skeleton framework show the special design opportunities of our buildings in connection with the conditions of, above all, concentrated residential buildings. A pronounced improvement of quality in the private sector of house and garden goes hand in hand with the quality of the public and semi-public areas. The house ensures the private sphere of its inhabitants even in such a dense network of settlements, while at the same time encouraging others to stop by for a friendly visit.