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The pages on this website are intended to show you the beauty that is possible to create when client and architect work together diligently to design a place that satisfies more than our everyday needs.

We thus invite you to come to us so that together we can begin planning your own personal project.


WerkHaus has its headquarters in Munich, the capital city of the state of Bavaria.
Our studio is located in the historic center of Munich, between the Residenz and the Bavarian Parliament.

Head office:
Planning and Marketing
WerkHaus GmbH
Bürkleinstrasse 12
80538 München   

Telephone + 49 (0) 89 288 160 0
Telefax + 49 (0) 89 288 160 44

Showroom house
Building Centre München/Poing
Senator-Gerauer-Straße 25
85586 Poing/Grub   

Telephone + 49 (0) 89 50 777 0


The architects R. J. Dietrich (Traunstein) and Th. Maucher (Munich) founded

“WerkHaus GmbH” as a “planning
and marketing company for individual construction”

The firm was founded on the basis of extensive experience in the planning of residential buildings and the development of wooden designs. The aim was to offer high-quality architectural planning services together with highly developed building services at affordable prices.

With this in mind, we looked for and found the best tradesmen as our building partners. We were thus able to bring `architect and crafts enterprise` to work towards a common goal..

40 years of intensive construction have confirmed our work. Over this period, we have developed planning and construction activities to perfection. Production and assembly processes have been increased to ever higher levels of efficiency. Today, we build high-quality wooden framework structures in short building times at very favourable, guaranteed prices.


Huber & Sohn
Innovative Woodwork
Cement Works

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    WerkHaus Planungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft für individuellen Systembau mbH
    HRB München 60959

    St.Nr.: 827/23825 Ust-IdNR.DE 129 49 27 77
    Bürkleinstrasse 12
    80538 München
    Telephone +49 (0) 89 288 160 0
    Telefax +49 (0) 89 288 160 44
    Managing director
    Thomas Maucher,
    Graduate Architect
    Layout, graphics, design Michael Kraus
    Thomas Maucher
    With advice of Mendell & Oberer Design, München
    Mario Büttner Design, München
    Technical implementation WILSMANN.NET, Niko Wilsmann
    Photography Jens Weber, München (81)
    Michael Kraus (8)
    Thomas Maucher (149)
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    Thomas Maucher
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    Michael Kraus
    Thomas Maucher
    Dr. Ing. Lic. jur Heiko Tönshoff
    Angela Zimmermann

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    The design and the fittings of all of our construction projects are always fixed individually with the client so that the image material shown on our website does not reflect any general design or fitting standards.

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